Thursday, March 18, 2010


I thought my blog was dead. Actually, it hasn’t. :D

Thanks for telling me that my blog is totally dead. Finally, I found my email address.

*I know the password actually*

I don’t really like holidays without going for a vacation. It is full of bored stuffs. I ate YEEMEE just now for my lunch. My bro just went out with his friends. So, I have time to blog here. :D Isn’t that great? Think on the positive way and look at the bright side, everything will be okay.

Dad is going to bring us to UTA on this Sunday morning. YES. I’m getting more excited now. I love going to college and University. I love colleges’ life. Don’t you?

Well, I drew some fashion clothes. It’s not too bad, actually. :| I want to play ‘the Sims’. It’s quite fun, I played before in primary school. But then, my old comp has spoilt so I can’t play it anymore. :( Kind of sad, isn’t it? I asked my friend to bring the CD on Monday, so I can install it into my comp, and I can play it! :)

I’m reading the first book of shopaholic, named ‘The secret dream world of a shopaholic’. It’s not as interesting as ‘Can you keep a secret’. I wanted to buy one of those books, but my dad doesn’t let me buy because it is expensive and useless. It’s all about the shopping and loves. Umm, that’s fine. I can borrow from the Tropicana library. :D

I wanted to plan a day trip to Bukit Tinggi. Sigh. I’m useless at all. I always plan things and ruined it all by myself. My dad wanted to bring us to Pangkor Island, but he said there’s an earthquake and tsunami. My friend just went. There’s nothing to be afraid of. There’s no earthquake or tsunami. :( What a bad day!

I miss the beach so much and the ocean, the shores, the seashells… I miss the coconut tree as well.

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