Saturday, February 20, 2010

Trying to forgive and forget

YES!! I’m currently talking to Xiuqi, my bestty in Newzealand right now. :D And, she says she’s coming back on july!! OH MAN! I’m so gonna tell everyone here. :)

I LOVE YOU!!!....... as a friend. :D

You stupid idiot pig.

I hate you and I don’t want to see you anymore.

You’re just like her slave.

I have to say that because you are!

I don’t care what your excuse is, you just being her slave!


Get off, you idiot.

Follow her, be her slave. Do whatever you want for her.

EFFFFF. You’re not a good friend.

That’s what I can tell.

So what? Apologize?

NO WAY! I won’t forgive you, you follower!

Just leave and be her slave, forever!

No one cares.


I’m so frustrated and yes, I am.

So what?

“I don’t give a damn.” By, zuen.


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