Sunday, March 21, 2010

Human interest, my interest

I hate homework, do you?

I do. I seriously do.

Tomorrow is school reopening day. I hate this, seriously. We students have to tie up our ties and go to the pavilion and have an assembly for listening to those people stupid and useless speeches, and, they are trying to turn us into what they want from us. The stupidity of these people is 99%. No offence.

I woke up early in this morning. Dad brought us to UTAR University for their open day. I was so excited but then, I was so disappointed when I reached there. The UTAR University is not like what I’ve imagined. Oh, there are few campuses. This one is in PJ. It’s the old Star Newspaper’s factory. Oh dear! Can you imagine it? It’s like, so OLD.

I like the Kampar Campus. But it’s so far away from my home. But if I have friends there, I will go. I can stay in the Westlake Homes. Of course, it’s rent.

Hmm, I was supposed to follow my dad to his office in this afternoon. But, I was too tired and so lazy to go. So, I stayed at home and had a nap until 4pm. I dreamt something. I remembered. :| Well, then I ate chocolate biscuits. Umm, yummy! :D I’ve almost finished my Shopaholic book. Still have… umm… more than 20 pages, I think.

I wish I could be like the girl, the journalist in the Shopaholic. I wish I can make my own moneys and use them up all by myself by buying those branded clothes and nice stuffs. Oh, I wish! And then, when I’ve grown up, I will have my own story. Romantic? Umm, NO. It’s too normal since everyone has it. Well, I think I will get a special and fairy tale story. Isn’t that great?

No one has it. :)

I will be the first one who got a special and fairy tale story.

Goodbye then.

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