Friday, March 26, 2010

Tick-tock :)

Wake up in the morning feeling like Jinghui,
grab my glasses, I'm out the door, I'm gonna hit this city,
before i leave brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack,
'cause when I leave for the night, I ain't coming back.

I just read finished my Shopaholic novel. WOW. At the end there, they just had… erhem. You know right? (If you read the first book). OMG. Well, sometimes things just happen without any signs.

Haha, Lihui is currently in Singapore. She has a competition with those Singaporeans. Oh well, I just want to say good luck to her. I hope she will wins the game. :) And, bring back some toys for me. :D YEAH. She would probably meets shitface by the way. Hope so. So she can revenge. (I’m such a pathetic person, am I?)

When Lihui sms me today, I was in the toilet. I heard my ring tone sounded like ‘ beh beh bu bu’… well, which is so childish. Isn’t it? Whatever. I like being like what I am. :) Not like someone else, just trying to change himself or herself into another good person, which people think it is so fake.

Today BIO class. We get to have a visking tube home. It looks like a piece of plastic, not like a plastic bag. I was wondering, how am I supposed to open it? Isn’t it a plastic bag? Why is it looks like a piece of dying plastic? Then, I keep staring at the visking tube, tried to figure it out. And then, I gave up and asked my friend how am I supposed to open it. And… I got the answer. I have to soak it into the water. Umm, I was so stupid. Wasn’t I? I’ve never seen a visking tube before. Hmm… don’t blame me, blame my three years science teacher.

1.05pm. School’s over. I sneaked into my mum’s car. Then, she asked: ‘Is there any St.John meeting tomorrow?’ I said: ‘NO. The board didn’t wrote anything.’ Then my brother says: ‘YES. There’s a meeting. You just never listen to the announcement. Stupid.’ What the hell? I wasn’t listening to the announcement? Oh, come on! I came late today and our classroom was so far away from the stupid speaker. How am I supposed to listen? HUH? And, OMG. Tomorrow there’s a St.John’s meeting. AHH. I wanted to wake up late tomorrow. It’s Saturday! And, I have a piano class on 2.30pm. I want to have a good sleep so that I can concentrate in piano class. FINE. I can’t fight with my mother. I MUST GO. Well, maybe I will find some fun there! Who knows? :D

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