Monday, February 8, 2010


How could you be so heartless? -heartless, Kris Allen-

I currently listening to this song. Quite nice. :)
But not as nice as two is better than one. I seriously stuck into that song. Im freaking love that song. WOAAAH.

Kris Allen currently on his way to Midvalley now. I'm so unlucky. How can it be?
I'm not the first 200 people. BLAH. I dont care. If I can drive, I will go there and squeeze inside no matter what happen. I dont care if the guards block me and I keep struggling there.. I will still go in. Run in run in babe!

Chinese New Year is coming. Oh dear, my dearly Nicole is going to be so lonely over there and she's going to celebrate the CNY all by her own. Sad right? Sigh. Can't help too. :(

My friend, PY doesnt trust me. I told her everything and she keep saying that I lied. Well, YES. I LIED. But not now! What I said just now is true! She doesnt believes me. Nevermind. She will find out. But Can anyone tell me who's the ex 6R people? I mean guys! What a stupid game are we playing.

FINE. I want a dress. But not desperately. Just in case I have a dinner or something. I need a dress!

I saw a little spiderman who has a big head and a small body with a spiderman's costumes.

Cheezees. :D

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